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Malene Nilssen



Malene is a professional sport- and real- estate photographer educated from the NISS Visual art photography.  (Nordisk Institutt for Scene og Studio).

She has been working as a freelancer since 2008 and has cooperated with EQUILIFE MAGAZINE and EQUIPROMOTION since 2013.


As a longtime professional Real Estate photographer, she serves us very well with photographing Equestrian facilities and other facilities for websites and various content use. She is also a fascinating and experienced sports photographer and certified drone operator. 


I 2014, she was nominated and shortlisted for the top 10 FEI World Photo Grand Prix with two artworks: "Professional Photographers" and "Venue".


Malene is a rider herself and enjoys bringing up her three-year-old stallion for a future in showjumping. 

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